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Players2 / 30
VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
Game Rank#27
Global Rank#28
Last Ping47 minutes ago
CountryUnited States Servers United States



Welcome to CubedMC, a vibrant and community-driven Towny server that offers an abundance of exciting content to keep your Minecraft adventures thrilling. Join our server today and immerse yourself in a world where creativity and collaboration flourish.

At CubedMC, we prioritize a safe and friendly environment. Griefing is strictly prohibited, ensuring that your creations are protected and you can focus on building to your heart's content. Additionally, we have disabled PvP, allowing you to explore, interact, and engage with others in a non-competitive manner.

Our plugin selection is carefully curated to enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Towny: Our primary plugin for grief prevention and community-building. Create or join towns, work alongside friends, and strive to build magnificent metropolises. Together, you can conquer challenges, earn wealth, and shape the world around you.

  • MCMMO: Train your skills and unlock additional abilities and efficiencies. Compare your training progress with other players using the /mctop command, and ascend to become the strongest and most skilled player on the server. Show off your prowess and leave your mark in the Minecraft world.

  • Jobs: Begin your journey as a humble peasant and work your way up the ranks to become a king. Choose from a variety of jobs and earn money as you dedicate yourself to your chosen profession. The more you play, the more jobs you can undertake, increasing your earning potential and unlocking new possibilities.

At CubedMC, we pride ourselves on our active and welcoming community. Forge new friendships, collaborate with fellow players, and embark on grand adventures together. Our dedicated staff members are always ready to assist you and ensure that your time on the server is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Join us on CubedMC and discover a world where imagination knows no bounds. Connect with our thriving community, unleash your creativity, and make your mark on the ever-evolving landscapes.

Become a part of the CubedMC family today. We can't wait to welcome you to our vibrant community and witness the incredible creations you'll bring to life!