How To

How do I vote?

To vote for a server just visit server’s page and click on vote button. Afterwards you will be prompted to enter your username and solve captcha. You can vote for one server once per day.

When are votes reset and updated?

Votes are reset for all servers on the 1st of each month to provide fair competition for new servers. Rankings are updated every 10 minutes.

What is Votifier?

Votifier is a server plugin that is used for servers to register votes and activate special perks for players who vote (server owner has to set this up). You can use our Votifier tester to test your Votifier configuration.

How do I add my server?

In order to add your server to our server list you have to register free account, after that you can add multiple servers.

My server was deleted?

We reserve the right to delete any server from our server list with or without prior notice. A server may be removed for a number of reasons (suspicious voting activity, inappropriate server details and low uptime).

Need more help?

If you need assistance don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Updated on Mar 21 2023