Multiplayer servers are advanced computer systems that facilitate real-time interaction among multiple players. These servers enable players to engage in multiplayer games, either hosted on a single computer or across a network of interconnected computers. The appeal of multiplayer games lies in their ability to foster social connections and provide competitive experiences for players. By participating in multiplayer games, players can socialize, collaborate, and compete with one another in a dynamic and immersive virtual environment.

There are two primary types of multiplayer servers: local and online. Local multiplayer servers allow players to connect to the game through a local area network (LAN) or intranet, while online multiplayer servers require a dedicated server that is always connected to the Internet. Online multiplayer games rely on these dedicated servers to host the game and enable players from different locations to connect and play together.

Running multiplayer servers simultaneously with one copy of the game is possible, but it often requires powerful hardware to ensure a smooth gameplay experience without lag. These servers can be hosted by the game developers themselves, large Internet service providers (ISPs), or dedicated server hosting services that specialize in providing infrastructure and support for multiplayer gaming.

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