WoWMortal, Cataclysm Instant 85!

wow private server, wow server, Level 255 Custom wotlk Funserver, WoWMortal is a server which takes your character to 80 85 levels instantly . Season 8 Tier 10 Gears are absolutely free .Moreover you can upgrade to more advanced gear by raiding instances , earning honor points through battlegrounds. Arena points can be earned in 5v5 - 2v2 - 3v3 arenas which can eventually be used to buy gear . The server also gives you opportunity to experience custom instances custom bosses. More than 300 players are always online we have over 200K+ registered accounts .Another unique characteristic of our server is that we have a PvP script which enables the players to get a pvp token on making a kill the token can be used to upgrade your gear. Weve friendly staff members , community very friendly GMs Here are few words to describe our server best private wow server, best wow server, private wow server, world of warcraft, mortal, wow, largest private server, private server, free private server, wow server, free wow server, funserver, instant 80, battlegrounds, raiding, warground, mortal world of warcraft, private world of warcraft server, free world of warcraft, best private server, best private wow server, highest populated, quality wow server, bugless wow server, instant 80 pvp funserver, instant 80 server, Battleground server, raiding funserver, free tier 10, popular server, huge instant 80 funserver, instant80, wow, pvp funserverCATACLYSM INSTANT 85 FUNSERVER - CATACLYSM BEST SERVER - PANDARIA PRIVATE SERVER - CATACLYSM PRIVATE SERVER - 4.2.2 SERVER - BEST WOW SERVER - WOW PRIVATE SERVER - WORKING SPELLS PRIVATE SERVER - BEST INSTANT 85 SERVER - INSTANT 80 SERVER - FUNSERVER - CATACLYSM - PANDAIRA - WOTLK - FUNSERVER - PVP PRIVATE SERVER - BATTLEGROUND SERVER - TIER 12 - BEST INSTANT 85 SERVER - CATACLYSM PRIVATE SERVER - WORKING SPELLS PRIVATE SERVER - WORLD OF WARCRAFT GREATEST SERVER - WORLD OF WARCRAFT - WOW - WORLD OF WARCRAFT INSTANT 85 PRIVATE SERVER - WORLD OF WARCRAFT INSTANT 80 PRIVATE SERVER.

VersionWoW Other
Game Rank#81
Global Rank#762
CountryUnited States United States
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Updated on Mar 30 2023