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WarGods WoW is coming with a new Realm , a new way of fun WarGods WoW is a brand new 3.3.5 Fun Server, with a new System called Paragon Diablo. You can levelup your powers with the Paragon System . There is no Level Cap, how many players and mobs / bosses you kill, thats how many points you will receive . It is a Super Duper Fun Server , with alot of Custom features , such as : - Paragon System From Diablo - Custom Mounts - Custom World Bosses Group - Custom Dungeons Solo and Group - World Chat System with Discord Emojis - All Races All Classes - Instant 255 - Custom Scripted Events - 6 VIP Status - VIP for FREE if you vote us, every VIP Status obtainable with Vote Points - CustomGems - Custom Enchants - A wonderfull Mall where you can hangout and chill with your friends - High Quality Patches - New Login Screen - A best Launcher , so you can get updated everytime when we make changed and updates - 1v1 Arena - Racial Traits Swapper - Free Morpher NPC - GURUBASHI CATACOMBS - Blizzard Canceled Project - And much more Feature Content : - 40 PvP Arena Contests - Custom Zombie City - 35 PvE Scripted Instances - All Races and all Classes from feature expansions - And much more WEWANTCONTENT - What is the base of this Fun Server Your ideas - Do you have a suggestion which should be implemented into WarGods Server No worries We can add it for you - Do youhave an idea about a Custom Event, Custom World Boss, Custom Zone We can do it for you Yes, we are creating your ideas and putting them in the server, so everyone will enjoy your Imagination What are you waiting for Come and join us, and lets play together Website : Discord : Youtube :

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Updated on Mar 31 2023