Every level you get Points to use on any spell/talent or Stats you want from any classRate.XP.Quest 4World Boss for Custom Heirlooms - Fallen Cenarius LvL super fastBuild on top of your Base Class - Make Any race/class combo as basePlayers can have all 3 talent trees + any from classless interface Free for All Use all items and do both factions quests, War is OverFree mounts, Artisan riding and some items on new characterStart at lvl 50 at custom area with Vendors and other custom NPCsPersonal Teleporter takes you to important placesQuesting Areas4VIP ranks with more buffs and access for eachNice mands like .app and ve + VIP and GW commands tooInstant and open Flight pathsMorpher, Transmog, GenderBender and Bounty Hunter addedchat by typing just once chat onGuild Wars system activatedWorld Bosses and custom questsPlayers with end-game gear have atm close to 2 million hp and deal millions of dmgAll Instances soloable except Heroic 25 ICC and some End-game custom ones

VersionWoW Other
Game Rank#56
Global Rank#711
CountryUnited States United States
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Updated on Mar 30 2023