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VersionRuneScape ORS
Game Rank#7
Global Rank#333
CountryUnited States Servers United States


Welcome to Elixer-Legends, a brand new RuneScape private server that invites you to become part of an exciting new project! Join us on this journey of development and exploration as we create a server that will leave a lasting impact. Connect with us and make your mark!

Here's what sets Elixer-Legends apart:

  1. Testing and Suggestions: We value your input and want you to be an active participant in the development process. Join our community on Discord and share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback. Help shape the server to ensure it delivers the best possible experience.

  2. Rewards for Testers: We appreciate your commitment to making Elixer-Legends the best it can be. As a token of our gratitude, we offer rewards specifically for our dedicated testers. Your efforts won't go unnoticed!

  3. Free Donor Benefits: We believe in giving back to our players. As a tester, you'll enjoy the perks of being a donor without any cost. Experience the benefits and exclusive features that come with being a valued member of our community.

  4. Fresh Start and Custom Maps: Begin your adventure on a brand new server where everyone starts on an equal footing. Explore our carefully crafted custom maps, designed to provide unique and immersive gameplay experiences. Discover new locations, secrets, and challenges that await you.

  5. Upgraded Items and Exciting Raids: Elevate your gameplay with a wide range of upgraded items. Engage in thrilling raids that will test your skills and teamwork. From the treacherous dungeons to epic boss battles, there's always a new adventure awaiting you.

  6. A Vast Array of Pets: Unleash your love for companionship with over 100 pets to collect and show off. Discover rare and exotic creatures as you explore the world of Elixer-Legends. These loyal companions will accompany you on your quests and battles.

  7. Authentic OSRS Content: Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) content. Relive the classic moments and experiences that made the game legendary. Enjoy the familiar gameplay mechanics, quests, and activities that made OSRS beloved by millions.

  8. Unique Content and Building Opportunities: At Elixer-Legends, we strive to offer unique content that sets us apart from the rest. Explore exciting new features and engage in activities that will keep you captivated. Additionally, unleash your creativity and build magnificent structures to leave your mark on the server.

Join us on this remarkable adventure and be part of the development of Elixer-Legends. Connect with us on Discord, dive into our unique world, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Together, let's build something extraordinary.