OS-Veldahar 1 Oldschool Emulator Cerberus Lizardman shaman Rooftop agility

OS Veldahar Your #1 OSRS Based Economy Server |Community| Play Now| Discord| Group Iron Man Team up with up to 5 players in the latest game-mode! Theatre of blood The theatre of blood is available to conquer. Are you ready for it? Vorkath A very challenging boss for you to take part of and kill for great rewards! Great Olm The great olm is available for fight as well, including drops like the twisted bow! Good luck! Achievement Diaries 200+ Tasks is what you are able to complete within all of the provinces available with great rewards and perks of each achievement diary...

VersionRuneScape ORS
Game Rank#202
Global Rank#830
CountryUnited States United States
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Updated on Mar 21 2023