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VersionRuneScape ORS
Game Rank#174
Global Rank#619
CountryUnited States Servers United States

GadorX - The Pursuit of Perfectionism

Welcome to GadorX - The Pursuit of Perfectionism!


At GadorX, we strive for perfection and offer a truly immersive RuneScape experience on our private server. With a wide range of unique and exciting content, we aim to provide you with the ultimate gameplay.

Here are some of the features that set us apart:

  1. Wall Safe Crack Minigame: Test your skills and crack safes for valuable rewards in this thrilling minigame.

  2. Milestones with Comp Capes: Achieve epic requirements and milestones to earn prestigious completionist capes.

  3. Infinite Money Pouch: Enjoy the convenience of an infinite money pouch, making your financial transactions seamless.

  4. Sonic Pikachu: Encounter the rare and elusive Sonic Pikachu on your adventures.

  5. Squeal of Fortune: Try your luck on the Squeal of Fortune and win fantastic prizes.

  6. Achievements: Unlock a wide range of achievements as you progress through the game, showcasing your accomplishments.

  7. Full Prestige System with Shop: Reach up to 100 prestiges and unlock exclusive rewards in our comprehensive prestige system.

  8. Double Vote/Donate Events: Take advantage of special events where your votes and donations have even greater impact.

  9. 1mhpboss (Old GadorX Boss): Challenge the formidable 1mhpboss, a legendary boss from the past.

  10. Over 800 Custom Items: Discover a vast array of over 800 custom items that can be obtained throughout your journey.

  11. New Home and Shops: Explore our redesigned home area and browse through various shops to gear up for your adventures.

  12. Remade Slayer: Engage in revamped Slayer tasks and encounter challenging monsters.

  13. Dominion Tower: Conquer the Dominion Tower, an arena of formidable battles and rich rewards.

  14. Ckey Chest with Percentage Reward: Unlock the Ckey Chest and receive exciting rewards based on your percentage progress.

  15. Clue Scrolls: Embark on treasure hunts with our diverse range of clue scrolls, providing thrilling challenges and valuable loot.

  16. Celestial Dragons: Encounter the fearsome Celestial Dragons and test your combat skills against these formidable foes.

  17. Shadow Forger (Unique Boss): Face off against the Shadow Forger, a unique and powerful boss that offers thrilling battles and exclusive rewards.

  18. Boss Pets: Collect and raise adorable boss pets, showcasing your prowess in defeating powerful bosses.

These are just some of the many exciting features and content we offer at GadorX. Join us on our pursuit of perfection and experience RuneScape like never before. Visit our website, donate, vote, and become part of our thriving community today!