Gondor-X | 50+ Always Online | Wr3cked You's Custom RSPS!

Gondor-X is a Custom RSPS that will be celebrating ONE YEAR ONLINE on June 16, 2020! Gondor-X is owned by the RSPS YouTuber Wr3ckedYou , whose active YouTube channel keeps Gondor-X at 50-100 online players at any given time! With weekly content updates, patches, livestreams, video creation, amazing content, innovative ideas, a frieldy staff team and inviting community... Gondor-X has everything you could want in a custom RSPS! So come join us today and be apart of the best community that this scene has to offer! CLICK HERE TO PLAY NOW - 5 Free Extreme Slayer Caskets + 99 Prayer! ...

VersionRuneScape ORS
Game Rank#166
Global Rank#789
CountryUnited States United States
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Updated on Mar 31 2023