Pauper - Properly Unique | 2012 Throwback | Online Since 2017

A server unlike any before seen... Join in this epic adventure with many bosses, hundreds of hours, original quests, and uniquely designed. Pauper is a server that is Properly Unique. What's Pauper? -Economy- This is where we take our pride. Pauper's economy is a very fair one, many things in the server have been edited and changed based around our economy. A few bits of content requires a quest to be completed before gaining access to it, resulting in rarity trees. No items are available for donation whatsoever, so any item you see in-game was earned by the community in some way...

VersionRuneScape ORS
Game Rank#159
Global Rank#782
CountryUnited States United States
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Updated on Mar 30 2023