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Players0 / 12
VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
Game Rank#249
Global Rank#253
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CountrySpain Servers Spain



Welcome to NeoMedieval3, where the medieval experience is taken to unprecedented heights. With over 9 years of meticulous development since 2012, this Spanish-speaking server immerses you in a truly authentic medieval world.

Embark on a journey of survival as you indulge in the art of constructing majestic medieval structures. Protect your creations using the power of magical Runes, adding an enchanting layer of defense and mystique to your architectural masterpieces.

Unlock new abilities and spells by ascending the social ladder, granting you unique skills and powers to wield in your medieval adventures. Immerse yourself in a virtual economy based on rare and valuable items. Explore the marketplace and acquire coveted treasures, or sell your unnecessary items from anywhere within the server.

Create a home base for yourself with our convenient "Home" feature, allowing you to teleport to your personal sanctuary at any time. Experience the joy of flight with enhanced flying mechanics, enabling you to soar through the skies with grace and ease.

Harness the power of nature by collecting animal waste and utilizing it as fertilizer for your plants. Embrace the cycle of life and growth as you nurture your crops and watch them flourish.

When the time is right, ascend to the rank of Mage and unlock the realm of creative mode, allowing your imagination to run wild as you build extraordinary structures without limitations.

Explore the vast and dynamic world of NeoMedieval3 through our immersive 3D map, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the main realm and its evolving landscapes.

Join us on NeoMedieval3 and experience a truly unparalleled medieval adventure. Immerse yourself in an authentic and vibrant community, where the spirit of the Middle Ages comes to life. Are you ready to forge your destiny in this extraordinary realm?