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Players1 / 50
VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
Game Rank#225
Global Rank#229
Last Ping29 minutes ago
CountryCanada Servers Canada

Just Minecraft

Just Minecraft

Welcome to Just Minecraft, where we bring you the purest and most authentic Minecraft experience. Our goal is to provide a classic gameplay environment, free from pressure to buy ranks or engage in pay-to-win mechanics. We believe in fair and balanced gameplay for all, ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

At Just Minecraft, we have focused on creating a server that is available 24/7, with a friendly and welcoming community and zero lag, allowing you to dive into the game whenever and wherever you want.

The Just Minecraft Network offers two main game modes:

Just Creative:

In Just Creative, we provide an immersive creative mode experience. With our rank system based on the number of blocks you've placed and the time you've spent active on the server, you can climb the ranks simply by playing and building. Each rank grants you more World Edit permissions and larger plots, enabling you to create even more spectacular builds. What sets us apart is the unique minigame compatibility on our plots, allowing you to design and publish your own custom minigames using command blocks.

Just Survival:

Just Survival throws you into a grief-free vanilla 1.16 Minecraft world. Our rank system is determined by time played, players killed, and time survived, allowing you to progress through the ranks by simply surviving and thriving. As you rank up, you will unlock access to various perks, enhancing the gameplay and keeping things exciting.

Join the Just Minecraft community today and discover what sets us apart. Experience a server that focuses on the core elements of Minecraft, prioritizing fairness, community, and a true sense of adventure. Come and see what all the fuss is about at Just Minecraft!