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Players5 / 128
VersionMinecraft 1.17
Game Rank#169
Global Rank#173
Last Ping13 minutes ago
CountryJapan Servers Japan


Welcome to MofuCraft, the ultimate Minecraft server that offers a variety of exciting gameplay modes!

Main: Immerse yourself in our main server, where you'll find a thriving economy, engaging jobs, adorable pets, and formidable enemies to conquer. Explore a rich world filled with endless possibilities and forge your path to success.

Solo: If you're looking for a more relaxed and stress-free experience, our vanilla server is perfect for you. Enjoy the best of both single-player and multiplayer gameplay as you embark on epic adventures on your own terms.

Rocket PvP: Brace yourself for thrilling battles in our KitPvP server, where you'll engage in intense combat armed with rocket launchers. Take down your opponents with explosive firepower and showcase your PvP skills.

While our server primarily uses Japanese as the main language for rules, guides, and in-game messages, we have also provided functions specifically tailored for our international players. You'll find support and assistance to enhance your gaming experience.

Join MofuCraft today and become a part of our vibrant community. Connect with players from around the world, embark on epic quests, and create unforgettable memories. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Minecraft, there's something for everyone at MofuCraft.