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Players2 / 75
VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
Game Rank#70
Global Rank#72
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CountryUnited States Servers United States

IllusiveMC Survival

Welcome to IllusiveMC Survival!

IllusiveMC is not your ordinary Minecraft server. We offer a unique and thrilling Semi-Modded Minecraft Survival experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end. With a range of exciting features and a dedicated community, we strive to create an environment where players can explore, build, and thrive.

Here are some of the standout features that make IllusiveMC stand out from the crowd:

  • Semi-Modded Survival: Immerse yourself in a world where the familiar survival gameplay is enhanced with exciting additions. Experience the thrill of MCmmo, Vein Miner, RTP (Random Teleport), Silk-Touchable Spawners, Clans, Player Shops, Land Claims, Supply Drops, and much more. Discover new depths to the survival gameplay and take your adventure to the next level.

  • Community-Driven: We value the opinions and feedback of our members. As a community server, we actively listen to our players and continuously work to improve the server based on their suggestions. Your voice matters, and together, we create an inclusive and engaging environment for all.

  • Cross-Platform Support: Whether you play on Java Edition or Bedrock Edition, IllusiveMC has you covered. Join us from any platform, be it a computer, phone, tablet, console, or more. We believe in inclusivity and providing a seamless gaming experience for all our members.

  • Active Moderation: Our dedicated staff team actively moderates the server to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. If you ever encounter any issues, whether it's with other players or the server itself, our staff is there to assist you and resolve any concerns you may have.

  • Exciting Monthly Updates: We understand the importance of keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. That's why we deliver monthly updates that bring new and thrilling content to the server. With regular updates, you'll always have something new to discover and engage with, ensuring that your experience on IllusiveMC is ever-evolving.

  • Community Interaction: Join our Discord server to connect with our vibrant community, learn more about the server, and engage with fellow players. Share your experiences, participate in discussions, and build friendships that will enhance your overall gaming experience.

At IllusiveMC, we strive to provide a Survival experience like no other. Join us today and embark on an adventure filled with endless possibilities. Build, explore, and conquer challenges alongside a supportive community that shares your passion for Minecraft. The IllusiveMC world awaits you!