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Players0 / 50
VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
Game Rank#44
Global Rank#44
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CountryUnited States Servers United States



Welcome to AztecMC, the ultimate vanilla raiding server that will test your survival skills to the limit! Are you ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure? Join us at

AztecMC is all about the thrill of raiding in its purest form. We've kept our server vanilla, with only Essentials installed to protect spawn and provide essential commands like /sethome and /tpahere. Beyond that, there are no chest protections, no player block protections—just pure, hardcore raiding. Get your armor ready and prepare for a challenge because we're on hard mode.

Ever stumbled upon someone's base? Well, here at AztecMC, we embrace the chaos. Grief it if you can, and if the base owner is foolish enough to be home, take them down and claim their loot for yourself. We have a set of simple rules to keep things fair, and our dedicated and mature staff members are always available to ensure a classy environment for everyone. Worried about X-rayers? We've got you covered. Our experienced team can teach you how to outsmart those cheaters while our ban-hammer sniffs them out.

Let's get into some geek stats:

  • Our world border stretches out to an impressive 28k, offering vast exploration opportunities.
  • AztecMC is currently running on the latest Minecraft version 1.17, so you can enjoy all the new features and blocks that the update has to offer.

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling raiding adventure? Join us at AztecMC, where survival is a constant battle and only the strongest will thrive. Remember, this server is not for the faint of heart. Can you rise to the challenge? Prove your worth and conquer AztecMC today!