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Players15 / 200
VersionMinecraft 1.17
Game Rank#12
Global Rank#12
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CountryUnited Kingdom Servers United Kingdom

Mistylands Survival Just Reset

Mistylands Survival Just Reset

Mistylands Survival - Experience a Fresh Start!

Welcome to MistyLands, where a brand new adventure awaits you. With the Caves and Cliffs Update now live, it's the perfect time to dive into our immersive survival experience. Since our humble beginnings in alpha 2010, Mistylands has evolved into a mature and friendly server that prioritizes community and camaraderie.

Choose your preferred playstyle with Keep Inventory enabled or disabled, knowing that griefing and raiding are strictly prohibited. Our server fosters a safe and inclusive environment, where players can focus on building, exploring, and forging meaningful connections with fellow adventurers.

Engage with our vibrant player-driven economy, offering various ways to earn money. Join jobs, set up your own shops, or list items on the auction house. Embark on quests and unlock over 400 custom achievements, each rewarding you with valuable resources, items, and exclusive custom tags.

Enhance your gameplay with McMMO and unlock special abilities that will set you apart from the rest. Our custom configuration ensures a balanced and rewarding experience for dedicated players. Discover over 100 unique custom enchantments and prepare for epic battles in our newly designed PvP arena.

As a token of appreciation, we've introduced new Voter ranks, allowing players to progress and unlock exciting perks, commands, and other rewards. Show your dedication and be rewarded accordingly.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with Mistylands. Enjoy toggleable PvP, encounter custom mobs, and participate in thrilling events. Protect your creations with our reliable Grief Protection system, explore server shops, and uncover a plethora of features designed to enhance your gameplay.

Connect with our community on our website at and join our server at Stay updated and engage with fellow players on our Discord community at

Embark on a fresh start, create lasting memories, and shape your destiny on Mistylands Survival. Join us today and let the adventure begin!