DivineCraft | Factions

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DivineCraft | Factions

Let me introduce you to DivineCraft (DCPE), A server that would make sure you have an astonishing time playing!
Here are our features that would amuse you :

Lag Free Server with Helpful and Friendly Staffs
75+ Custom Enchants
Warzone and PvP Mine
King Of The Hill
Generator + Auto Generator
Economy System ( 4 Currency ,Transfer , Convert , Progressive Earnings ,etc )
Donor Rank Upgrade Paper (Obtainable via crates, cryptics, lucky relic)
Hunt Rewards (Money, Exp, Elixir, CE-EXP, Glory) + Includes Hunt Wands
Mining Rewards , Pickaxe Ability , Boosters, Charity, Autosell and Warp Mine
Mine Events such as Money Frenzy and Mine Party
Key Pouches, Crates, Artifacts, Lootboxes etc
Effect Orb & Abilities + Berserker Ability (NEW!)
Enchant Shop via /elixir
Vote Rewards , Vote Events & Vote Shop
Gkits (Craftable with Shard/ Crystals)
GiveAlls ( From /expshop )
Auction House
Kit Manager ( Kit Shop , Timed Kits and GKits )
Spawner , Working hoppers and Sell Wands
Mob Coins + Shop ( /mshop )
Drop Parties ( At warzone and spawn )
Faction Top Rewards
Gems ( 4 Different Types of Gems)
Rank Up & Level Up System
Withdraw , Coinflip , Private Vaults, Tags, Brag, CustomCraft (Shards,Dusts,Infusion), Tinker, Enchanter, Rename etc
Rank Shards (/scrap) Turn your Donor Rankupgrade into shard to create a new Unidentified Donor Rankupgrade!


Domination Outpost:
Recieve 50-100 of Faction Strength
Recieve 5x Divine Keys
Recieve Random Amount of Key Pouches (1-20x)

Despotism Outpost:
Recieve random amount of Money
Recieve Random Amount of Money Pouches (1-20x)

Repression Outpost:
Recieve KOTH Crate
Recieve Spawner Key (1-8x)
Recieve Generator Key (1-8x)


More info? Run /guide in server or simply ask staffs. They would be more than happy to help you

200 Subscribers
Video Must Be At least 3 Minutes Long
VIP MINE (+10% Exp Block and +10% Money Block)
/vip ( System )
Overpowered YouTuber Kit

DiVineCraft | Season VI
* IP: dcfac.us.to
* PORT: 19132
* DISCORD : https://discord.gg/ndGGaH3
* VOTE LINK : https://bit.ly/dcpevote

IP Address:
VersionMinecraft PE 1.17.40
Game Rank#35
Global Rank#740
Last Ping2 minutes ago
CountryUnited States United States
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