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WertzuiGames is an innovative MCBE server network offering a wide range of features, a homemade multi-language system, and the following gamemodes:

WertzuiPlay (RolePlay)

What is special about WertzuiGames?
WertzuiGames has many self-made and creative features, maps, plugins, systems, and more.
Through our multi-language system, not only german (WertzuiGames' original language) but also English players can play on WertzuiGames without any problems; not only normal messages from the server are translated, but also UIs, kick messages, command descriptions & command usages and more.
Cross-server statistics, coins, cosmetics, etc. are also part of the daily routine of a player on our network;
CityBuild does not only have Mobs & Redstone, but also a lot of extensions (e.g. ChestShops or a Nether).
Our latest plan is to revolutionize SkyBlock in the Bedrock Edition: In addition to the standard stuff, we do have autofarmers (machines that make materials by themselves), sieves, custom crafting recipes, and much more!
Of course, that's not all, but also for WertzuiGames the motto is: Try it and see!

How can I support you?
In order to be able to enable even more projects and gamemodes soon and to continue to have a motivated team, we need the support of the community, so vote diligently for WertzuiGames!
If you want to support this project, even more, you are welcome to tell your friends about us.
Like for most servers, the best way you can support us is through playing on our network!

Looking for team members? Of course! We are currently looking for various team members:
- Builders
- Designers
- Supporters

Social media
Discord: https://wertzuigames.de/discord
YouTube: https://wertzuigames.de/youtube
Instagram: https://wertzuigames.de/instagram

Have fun playing!

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VersionMinecraft PE 1.17.40
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Updated on Mar 31 2023