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Welcome to TatoMC, the ultimate Minecraft server that transcends boundaries and welcomes players from all regions and languages! Running in the UK on version 1.16.5, TatoMC offers a truly cross-platform experience, catering to both Java Edition and Pocket Edition/Bedrock Edition players.

No matter where you're from or what language you speak, TatoMC opens its virtual doors to everyone, fostering a diverse and inclusive community. Join us now and embark on a remarkable adventure alongside fellow Minecraft enthusiasts!

For Java Edition players, connect to the server using the IP: play.tatomc.com. If you're playing on Bedrock/Pocket Edition, use the IP: be.tatomc.com, with the default port "40123". To stay updated and engage with the community, visit our website at https://tatomc.com and join our vibrant Discord server at https://discord.tatomc.com.

At TatoMC, we provide a plethora of exciting features and worlds for you to explore. Begin your journey at our spawn, a safe haven where you can meet other players and engage in buying and selling at server shops. Immerse yourself in our normal vanilla Survival World, unleash your creativity in our Creative World with worldEdit, or experience the wonders of our Survival Fantasy World, which features custom biomes and epic mobs.

Discover the power of teleportation as you effortlessly move between players and player warps. Protect your lands with ease and customize permissions to regulate building access for others. Unlock the ability to create your own town, where you can establish plots within your main land for a mall, a community, or any creation your imagination desires.

PvP is a flexible option on TatoMC, allowing you to toggle it on or off at your discretion. When PvP is enabled, remember that it requires consent from both parties to engage in combat—respect and sportsmanship prevail.

Stay connected with your friends even while you're away from the game! TatoMC offers seamless integration between Discord and the Minecraft server, enabling you to chat with your friends in-game through Discord.

But wait, there's more! TatoMC has a host of additional features and surprises in store for you to discover.

Before you embark on your Minecraft journey, familiarize yourself with our rules by visiting our dedicated Discord channel at https://rules.tatomc.com.

Join us now at TatoMC, where limitless adventures await and a vibrant community awaits your arrival!

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Players0 / 40
VersionMinecraft 1.17
Game Rank#398
Global Rank#409
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CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom