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VersionMinecraft 1.12.2
Game Rank#362
Global Rank#622
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Welcome to Bulbaland, the ultimate destination for all Pokemon trainers in the Minecraft universe! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Pixelmon Generations with the latest version available.

At Bulbaland, we pride ourselves on creating a family-friendly environment where players of all ages can embark on their Pokemon journey. Whether you're a seasoned trainer or just starting out, our server offers a welcoming community where you can connect with fellow Pokemon enthusiasts from around the world.

Challenge yourself by taking on our NPC Gyms, where skilled trainers await your arrival. Test your skills, strategize, and prove yourself as a true Pokemon master. Can you conquer all the gym leaders and become the champion of Bulbaland?

Engage in the dynamic Global Trade System (GTS), where you can trade Pokemon with other trainers to complete your collection. Expand your team, obtain rare species, and fulfill your quest to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer.

No need to worry about losing your hard-earned items when exploring and battling. With our Keep Inventory feature, your belongings will be safe and sound, allowing you to focus on your adventures without the fear of losing valuable possessions.

Protection and security are essential in Bulbaland. Utilize our Grief Prevention system to claim your territory, ensuring that your builds and resources are protected from any potential griefers. Build and create to your heart's content, knowing that your efforts are safeguarded.

Unlock the power of EV Training without any cost. Train your Pokemon's Effort Values (EVs) for free, enhancing their stats and making them even stronger in battle. Prepare your team for epic showdowns and dominate your opponents with your well-trained Pokemon.

Begin your journey with a shiny starter Pokemon, adding a touch of uniqueness to your team. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your rare and dazzling companion as you explore the vast world of Bulbaland.

Immerse yourself in the diverse and breathtaking landscapes of our server with the Biomes O Plenty mod. Explore new biomes, discover hidden treasures, and encounter rare Pokemon in the most enchanting environments imaginable.

But that's not all! Bulbaland offers so much more, with exciting features and surprises waiting to be discovered. Join us today and experience the thrill of Pixelmon Generations like never before.

Ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure in Bulbaland? Don't wait any longer! Come check us out and start your Pokemon journey today. Prepare to capture, train, and battle your way to greatness. Bulbaland awaits your arrival!