Glistering Melon

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Glistering Melon

Welcome to Glistering Melon - Where Adventure Awaits!

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary Minecraft experience like no other. Glistering Melon is a server brimming with exciting features and plugins that will enhance your gameplay and take it to new heights. Dive in and discover a world of endless possibilities!

Plugins that set us apart:

  • AdvancedChests: Craft MASSIVE chests with custom recipes and expand your storage capacity to unimaginable levels. Say goodbye to inventory limitations and embrace a world of boundless possibilities.

  • Advanced Enchantments: Unleash the power of over 150+ custom enchantments that seamlessly integrate with vanilla methods. Enhance your gear, weapons, and tools with unique abilities that will give you the edge in battles and adventures.

  • Tags: Unlock a variety of tags that can be earned through Crate Keys. Stand out from the crowd and showcase your achievements with pride.

  • AngelChest: Don't fear losing your precious gear anymore. With AngelChest, your items are protected and saved even if you meet an untimely demise. Keep exploring with confidence, knowing that your hard-earned loot is safe.

  • Auctions: Engage in thrilling player-hosted auctions. Buy and sell rare items, treasures, and resources, and engage in lively bidding wars with fellow adventurers.

  • Dark Auctions: Brace yourself for the excitement of rare items posted in the Dark Auctions. These coveted treasures appear periodically, enticing brave souls to risk it all for a chance to acquire something truly extraordinary.

  • BeaconPlus2: Elevate your gameplay with upgraded beacons that cater to all your needs. Unleash powerful effects and enhance your base or fortress with the assistance of these advanced beacons.

  • BetterBackPacks: Feed your hoarding desires with craftable backpacks that provide additional inventory space. Collect and carry more resources, tools, and valuables as you explore and conquer the vast Minecraft world.

  • Blood Moon: Experience the thrill of nightfall as it becomes significantly more dangerous every few day cycles. Venture out during the Blood Moon and reap the rewards that await the bold and courageous.

  • Chest Shop: Set up your own shop on your land and become a savvy entrepreneur. Sell your wares to fellow players, establish a thriving business, and create a bustling marketplace within the server.

At Glistering Melon, adventure, innovation, and community come together to create an immersive and unforgettable experience. Join us today and embark on a journey that will keep you captivated for hours on end.

The path to glory awaits. Join our server and discover the wonders of Glistering Melon!

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Players0 / 30
VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
Game Rank#114
Global Rank#116
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CountryUnited States United States