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Here at Helix we're truly diverse, playing host to players from many walks of life. We reach people from Hawaii all the way to Singapore, cultivating a server with energy that allows players to play the game however they like!

As such, our server is fueled with creativity that gives rise to remarkable builds. The soaring Helix towers overlook spawn's stores,which aren't far away from the space rocket marvel that was constructed in just a day. Other features are there to be found.

This spurs on members who are committed to grouped projects that allow us to expand beyond the traditional boundaries of survival servers. One of these projects is our Crystal Racing circuit, and it's these sorts of builds that allow us to accomplish other ventures. Every other weekend, we use these builds to host events and minigames within the server. Many of our members will log in and we'll play a game of Mafia, Parkour or Capture the Flag.

We're proud of the community that we've cultivated on the server, and now we're looking for some of you to be a part of that!
If you're looking for vanilla Minecraft experience, though, do not fear! The plugins we run mean we do not stray at all far away from vanilla Minecraft.

We do have a 15+ age stipulation, as were looking to strengthen our community. Well never punish players for inactivity, just as long as youre still interested in remaining whitelisted. Events are a server-wide occasion, and so we encourage our members to come out if they can.

As we watch your applications come in, were naturally delighted with how many people seek to join and are excited to see our new recruits!

To apply, join our discord.

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VersionMinecraft 1.17.1
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Updated on Mar 21 2023